Middle Schoolers are Dumb

Okay, I (and most others in my class) do dumb stuff. Like one time, I jumped off a playset and pulled all of the muscles in my chest. That was not fun. Another kid I know, not going to use names, literally tried to choke a kid in front of a teacher for just standing somewhere. So yeah, avoid middle schoolers.



Okay, this is just something I thought I would share. It is semi-recent, same grade but months ago. So, there was this one kid in my class who bullied me a lot, so I did bad and kept bullying him back. One day he stood up in the middle of study hall and said, “that’s it” and punched me in the face. It didn’t hurt much, but we obviously had to go to the principal’s office. We had a discussion for a while, made up and then he cried about his life being a nightmare. I do feel kind of bad for him, but I’m just here like um why didn’t he get in any trouble for literally punching me in the face? Well, just last week he got suspended for strangling another student. This kid has issues.


Teachers always give them at some point or another. But some are awful and stupid. For example, my social studies teacher told us that we would have a test on everything we learned this year with 1 week to prepare and no study guide. This doesn’t seem fair, she usually gives the class a study guide 2 weeks before a test. But since it is only like 1/2 our grade we obviously don’t need a study guide. Teacher logic makes absolutely no sense.

My Blog

Hello world. I am just a middle student with a crazy mixed up life. I have decided to share my story on the Internet whenever I can. So, yeah that’s about it, I’ll be blogging soon so be sure to follow me!